Do you want to be financially independent?

Are you part of the 6% of South Africans who can afford to retire?

If you look at residential property as an asset class, it has delivered returns of 11% a year over the last 30 years (1980-2010) – more than most retirement investments. Saving 15% of your gross income every year for the next 40 years will not keep you comfortable into your 70s and 80s and we can live longer today!

Introducing Prosperidad Investments, who will help you become financially independent through property ownership. Owning the right second property, at the right price, sets you on the road to financial independence.

Known as passive income, your property earns you money while you sleep and this, paired with careful planning, provides you with the cash flow you need pursue your dreams even before retirement.

We go one-step further by providing our clients with peace of mind with our optional after sale service, designed to offer property ownership with minimum risk.

How do you benefit?

  • We search for affordable sectional title developments in hotspot areas for you to invest in
  • We offer minimum risk and tenant concerns through their admin service options
  • Your investment keeps up with inflation

What do we offer?

  • We understand the property market and can find quality developments that offer rental returns to cover your investment
  • We negotiate bulk discounts from top developers
  • Our professional team manages your financial independence plan to ensure you reach your goal
  • We offer structured vehicles that help you minimise the payment of estate duties and offers protection against creditors