Dunlin Palms is situated in Dunlin Road, Kempton Park. The developer ran into some financial constraints and the development bond holder took possession of the complex. This made for beautiful purchases by our investors!

The first half of the development transferred at R549 000 in June 2009, with the remaining 20 units handed over to us for sales at R418 000. Location plays an integral role here, with the development being 12km from Midrand (most of the tenants work in Midrand) and the development situated in a strongly established residential area. We also have no vacancies in the complex and the rental agent is also the managing agent of the body corporate. They’re ruthless, keeping the tenants on a tight leash, which makes for comfortable living and no risk to tenants or owners.

This development yields a shortfall out of own pocket of R1 265 at the current Prime Interest Rate.